Så er der åbnet op for tilmelding til jubilartræf 2024| Invitation til dimission 2024

Mit danske liv

Hoi Lai Lam (Jeff, 2a)

Little Summary of the year

Today is the last 49th day in Denmark, Thinking back with joyful. From the first minute I stepped on the Nice little Country, to the last months. Have been through happiness and sadness, Earned many experience that makes a really nice year.With “good weather”. Next year I have to be in the harsh year again, Before leaving with tears, Let’s rewind this year below. Stay tuned :D

4th August Copenhagen Airport, Nyborg

We arrived at 17:30 With a good cold August weather in Copenhagen Airport. Since we are the latest arrival, We set all our stuffs and join the Briefing immediately. Then we drive to our welcomes camp in Nyborg, we got our rooms and we started our First camp in Danmark. We arrived Nyborg at 8 o’clock, which people are finished with their dinners and headed to bath. We ate our first meal with rice, but sorry to say Danish rice is bad for us (HAHA). After the exciting camp with Afs, we started our tour to nordjylland , Aalborg.

7th August Aalborg

After Randers and Aarhus, We arrived at the last stop Aalborg. We can see an Afs flag also our families when we have just taken off the bus. The time is 8 and we can be home soon, but I am surprised by the family that used to have dinner at 6 or maybe 5 o’ clock , compared to Hong kong, we have dinner at 7 or maybe 8, so I got no dinner but a burger in mc’s. After around a 15 minutes drive, we arrived our home in a town named Vodskov. It is a Town surrounded by grass and nature, with a forest at the back, gives this little town an incredibly good environment. Meanwhile I was told I didn’t get a school yet which made me apprehensive Since in Hong kong I used to get informations from my school before the summer holiday. But there comes a good news, We are having The Danish National Dish for Dinner tomorrow, which brings me to a lot of expectations. Can’t wait for the impending foods tomorrow!

First Few months

After the tasty and crunchy paneret stegt flæsk med persilles sovs, I set really good expectations and look forward to have a really good plentiful life in Danmark. A half month later, I started my school life in Danmark, in a gymnasium Named Nørresundby gymnasium. I went to 2G. when others were 17 or 18 and I am only 15. When i thought there will be a huge gap between us, but things went unbelievably well. In Lessons, they tried to explain what is going on although that does not work effectively. But in English and Danish Lessons, i tried my best to do my works and learnt a lot about analysing. Thus i can surely agree with The Danish School System is one of the best systems in the world with computer education and group discussion. How students focus and dedicated themselves in studies with heart and soul. Unlikely from the danish system, we cannot even use electronic devices, Focus on individual works and examinations, too many pedantic restrictions to your appearances.
I used to finish my school day around 6 because our school encourages us to participate some extracurricular activities and I need tutorial class too. In the condition of a huge amount of workload and pressure, I enjoy the happiness and fun-learning in Nørresundby gymnasium, My impression of Denmark builds up more than Kjeldsens cookies. After Few months of school, we have our first School Party. This is one of the best experiences in my life. We made ourselves drunk at the forfest, then we directly head to the School party hastily. Students in the school are all very friendly, they often invite me to seat with them and we became friends, also we dance a lot. I had a unprecedented night and a terrible hangover morning. Over all i have been enjoying my school life in NGHF