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Welcome to Nørresundby Gymnasium and HF

Welcome to Nørresundby Gymnasium and HF

We are a school for Upper Secondary Education in Nørresundby/Aalborg in Denmark. Aalborg/Nørresundby is Denmark’s 4th biggest city and our school is situated in a suburban area North of the city centre with good transportation both downtown and to the areas outside the city.

Currently about 750 students, mostly between 15 and 21 years of age, study here and we have about 70 teachers and 15 administrative personnel.

The basis of our school is the belief that it takes a broad knowledge of the world to be an active and happy citizen in a democratic society. Therefore, we offer a wide range of general subjects such as math, natural sciences, history, English, social science, sports. Besides that, The students can choose additional subjects to specialize in such areas as modern languages, classical languages, science or creative subjects. We offer extra curricular activities, such as school cafes, a prom, study trips, sports, art classes, and drama, and we structure our teaching and planning by the use of IT. The teaching will be in Danish outside language classes, but all students and staff speak English and some also other languages.

Our school is Erasmus accredited and we cooperate with schools in Italy, France, Austria, Spain and Germany and send both students and staff on exchanges and welcome students and staff from other schools here. Besides that, staff attend seminars abroad. You can find us on the European platforms, such as School Education Gateway and eTwinning.

Every year we also welcome exchange students from all over the world and we take special pride in giving them an experience for life.

As a school we have a focus on creating a learning environment with ambition and clarity where error is not  a problem, but a basis for development. We acknowledge that the well-being of a student greatly influences his/her ability to learn, so we prioritize this both for the individual and the class. We are currently working with formative assessment as well as the inclusion of students with various diagnoses both in classes designed for them and in ordinary classes.

Get an idea of what we are all about by browsing our homepage. Most of the texts are in Danish, but there will be many photos. You can also find us on Facebook “Nørresundby Gymnasium og HF”


For further information, please contact Head of Education Bente V. Steffensen or Head of Education Anders Hovgesen