Så er der åbnet op for tilmelding til jubilartræf 2024| Invitation til dimission 2024

Sinathing – én dag for dig, et liv for en anden

Late on Friday after an exhausting day, this darling child came to see me at my office.  I gave her the usual hug and greeting then asked her what was up. She said: ”I just want to say thank you!” I asked what for.  She said “This chance to get a matric  (Grade 12) – I am going to be the first in my family to get so far!”  I grabbed her in an even bigger and tighter hug. I held both her hands and made her look me in the eyes (by now we were both tearful!).  I told her that she was bright and pretty (she really is gorgeous – look at those cheek bones) and had everything to go far in life.  I know she wrote to you after she fell pregnant. (I think she was pregnant when this picture was taken – look at those arms folded over her stomach!)  Thobile is very bright and WILL get a Matric at the end of this year. She says she wants to make a life for herself and her baby.


Thobile 032_hoej